Dean Lewis’ songs are beautiful and you should all listen to him…

Last week I went to see my current obsession Dean Lewis perform. It was a small intimate gig in St Pancras Old Church just him, his guitar, his keyboard and his insanely beautiful voice. It was one of those magical moments in life where you just stop and enjoy the moment. I felt calm, I felt happy and I came out floating. (FYI all gigs should be in churches!)

Dean Lewis’ EP ‘Same Kind of Different’ has been my soundtrack to the emotional rollercoaster ride that has been my summer. His songs full of emotion about falling in love, getting your heart broken and moving on, are a reminder that you are not alone in this. Other people fall in love and get their heart broken and guess what, they come out the other side. 

And sometimes what you really need to get you through a rough patch is a beautiful song that you can shout-sing along to in the car, blast in your ears on your commute to and from work or cathartically sob into a glass of red wine to.

So if you’re feeling a little down go give Dean Lewis a listen. Especially his song ‘Be Alright’ which will give you the good ass kicking you might need with it’s wonderfully truthful lyrics… 

“And my friends said I know you love her but it’s over mate, it doesn’t matter put the phone away. It’s never easy to walk away but let her go and you will be ok. Cause it’s gonna hurt for a bit of time. So Bottoms up let’s forget tonight. You’ll  find another and you’ll be just fine. Let her go”

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