Dean Lewis’ songs are beautiful and you should all listen to him…

Last week I went to see my current obsession Dean Lewis perform. It was a small intimate gig in St Pancras Old Church just him, his guitar, his keyboard and his insanely beautiful voice. It was one of those magical moments in life where you just stop and enjoy the moment. I felt calm, I felt happy and I came out floating. (FYI all gigs should be in churches!)

Dean Lewis’ EP ‘Same Kind of Different’ has been my soundtrack to the emotional rollercoaster ride that has been my summer. His songs full of emotion about falling in love, getting your heart broken and moving on, are a reminder that you are not alone in this. Other people fall in love and get their heart broken and guess what, they come out the other side. 

And sometimes what you really need to get you through a rough patch is a beautiful song that you can shout-sing along to in the car, blast in your ears on your commute to and from work or cathartically sob into a glass of red wine to.

So if you’re feeling a little down go give Dean Lewis a listen. Especially his song ‘Be Alright’ which will give you the good ass kicking you might need with it’s wonderfully truthful lyrics… 

“And my friends said I know you love her but it’s over mate, it doesn’t matter put the phone away. It’s never easy to walk away but let her go and you will be ok. Cause it’s gonna hurt for a bit of time. So Bottoms up let’s forget tonight. You’ll  find another and you’ll be just fine. Let her go”


Why Autumn is going to be fantastic…

We all know I love a good list, especially when I need to get a little life perspective or need cheering up. So here is the latest of my cheer the fuck up lists for anyone who is missing summer, terrified of how fast 2017 is going or is generally a little down in the dumps. Autumn is going to be fantastic because…

  1. Boots and Scarfs. My two favourite clothing items are my black Topshop ankle boots and my Hufflepuff scarf and it is officially cold enough to bring them out of their summer hibernation, the excitement is unreal. Maybe these particular clothing items may not appeal to you, but you have to admit autumn offers us all the opportunity to bring back out some of our favourite clothing items, cosy knits, coats and hats galore!
  2. Hot Drinks. I love my morning coffee to get my brain in gear and an evening treat of tea and biscuits for dunking but in summer I just can’t face hot drinks. Don’t get me wrong I love an iced coffee as much as the next girl but its no substitute for the real thing. One of the real joys in life is picking up a cup of coffee on the way to work and wrapping your hands around it to keep you warm.
  3. Autumn TV. September brings an end to the summer of trashy reality shows filling the screens (although if I’m honest I still miss Love Island) and kicks off a season of high quality dramas, period dramas and of course The Great British Bake Off. Yes there’ll be no more evenings drinking in parks or pub gardens but instead we can curl up in front of the tv and watch people bake cakes!
  4. Tourist season is over. For those of us who live in London it will never truly be quiet but the hoards of tourists who descend upon the city during the summer months have decreased dramatically which means I can finally walk down streets without wanting to scream “get out of the way” at all the people blocking my route. It also means that theatres are much quieter and therefore I can finally get my hands on cheap tickets for all the shows I want to see.
  5. Winter Walks. There’s always that awesome bonfire smell lingering in the air, the trees look so pretty, the air has that crisp freshness to it and there’s always a great pile of leaves to crunch your way through. Walks in Autumn are truly the most satisfying.
  6. Party season is upon us. There’s Halloween, bonfire night (my birthday) and Christmas all just around the corner, whilst summer drinking is fun in its own way everyone knows the best parties come at the end of the year!

So cheer up guys, 2017 is not over yet the best 4 months are still to come and they’re going to be great!